Content Am I my brother's Keeper?

Shared Experiences

"The Good"

Not by Might...

Shared Experiences

"The Bad"

The Necessary! The State of our Condition
What is the Point? The 3 C's
Do you know who your father is? Really satan!!??
Christian Chameleon In EVERYTHING give THANKS!
Do ALL Things Go Well For You? My Pastor, not my master!
Soldier or Victim? Support of the Ministry
 Power and Authority Talk to the Coach
What is the purpose of Faith? A SAVIOR for ALL Mankind
Do I REALLY want help?

Reading, Researching and Reporting

Which Mind??  
Let us show our Appreciation of the Divine secrets in CHRIST

 What is Community - Part I

Shared Belief

Living in Faith Together Benefits of a "Shared"
If MY People......... Faith IS Family!
You have ALL that you Need!

Responsibilities of the Community

Who are we responsible for?

Part I

Where do we go from here? Where is the Priest/Teacher?
Fighting the Darkness Reaping and Sowing
Faith Misinformation...The Key to bondage

Operation *I AM*

Minister Tracy Williams

Imagine a World....
R U Woke? Do YOUR Share!
That's JUST the WAY it is! Many Parts 1 Body

Overcoming Obstacles

I don't need NO help!

Why is faith so difficult?

What a WONDERFUL Gift!


Minister Sharon Battle

What are YOU willing to give up??


What kind of fruit is on your tree?


Whom Shall I fear!!

Minister Sharon Battle


          The New Year

     The Gospel is sooo Good!

   The Gospel is sooo Good !! Part II

        JESUS Needs You!

         Stunted Growth

       Accepting the LIE!

        Roots and Fruits

Love, Power and a Sound Mind

More than a Conqueror - March 2019

More than a Conqueror - Part II

More than a Conqueror - Part III

 Character of a Christian

            Day 1

            Day 2

            Day 3


     Dominion Living

Dominion Living Part II

Dominion Living Part III

Dominion Living Part IV

I don't know what love is..

LORD...teach me to love

JESUS I know, but who are you?

When I was a child....

Community.....Where Christian Life Begins

       Minister Sharon Battle 

 If GOD be for me....

 Fake News

 Ignore the King

No More Excuses

The Reception   

The Deliverance

The "Life" Journey


laughingLORD deliver me....from me!laughing

Those of you...

While we wait....

Culture of Cooperation